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      Novo is equipped with about 40 engineers, including mechanical designers, electrical designers and software designers. And it can research and develop intelligent automatic equipment in 3C Lithium battery, electronic parts, semiconductor industries according to the demand of customers.

无锡沃格自动化科技股份有限公司       Based on the following technique, Novo is capable of tackling major technical problems: based on Ethercat, CCKINK IE, profinet and etc, independently research large scale system such as multi-axis motion control of bus communication, synchronous control, fly saw and etc。; based on visionpro/IN-Sight platform and etc。, independently research non-standard industrial CCD checking system; on account of 3D visual measurement technique, independently research high-precision checking system based on plane, contour and etc。; due to robot/transfer arm visual intelligent guidance, automatically solve location and pick technology; based on VB software platform, independently research the software of non-standard automation, customer MES system and connection of AGV upper system。

      At the same time, design department will continue to push modularization design thought of program modularization, mechanism standardization and drawing standardization, and build large-scale knowledge base of mechanism structure and proposals, which can achieve rapid supply of a complete set of automation technology solutions. In virtue of Novo own ERP system and the application of advanced product research, analysis and management software, build collaborative design mechanism to achieve rapid response.

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