Nut Laser Welding Machine


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Nut Laser Welding Machine
Illustration :
The process of this machine is to automatically load by 6-axis transfer arm. The motion collaboration of module and 4-axis transfer arm achieves perfect location of product and fixture. The position range of product and fixture is guaranteed within +/-0.02mm through the offset of visual CCD. Then the nuts and product are welded by laser weld process.
Schematic Diagram
Basic Parameter
  1. Location Precision: within 0.02mm
  2. CT: 10s
  3. Operation Ratio: 98%
  4. Voltage: 220V
  5. Air Pressure: 0.5Mpa
  6. Boundary Dimension: L*W:H=1800*2500*2000 (mm)
Standard Configuration
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Optional Configuration
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Equipment Characteristics
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